The Shift to Natural Ingredients in the Cosmetic Industry

Consumers have become more aware of their health in terms of diet and wellbeing. Many have experienced the benefits of switching towards products with natural and organic ingredients. This has led to consumers educating themselves on the ingredients used in their routine beauty, skin and hair care products. Which has created a shift towards those based on natural ingredients. This move has produced double-digit growth for the natural beauty category. The market and demand for organic and ethically sourced cosmetics is growing quickly. It is expected that the number of consumers interested in buying natural products will see a continual rise. Many of the bigger brands noticing the trend and demand are now embracing the concept and creating their own lines.

Growth of the natural cosmetics trend

Across a vast array of different industries, people want to know where ingredients or materials for products are sourced; how they’re made; who they’re made by; and whether they will support or damage the health of the environment in the long term.

In the last year, there has been a growing trend among consumers towards what is contained in products rather than what is excluded. With consumers wanting products that include natural ingredients over those displaying ‘free-from’ labelling. As consumers opt for synthetic-free, product developers are starting to shift focus and put their attention on what natural ingredients their product contains rather than what it does not and manufacturers are looking to replace synthetic chemicals in personal care products with naturally-derived, sustainable alternatives without impacting on the sensory experience.

Embracing the natural cosmetics trend

Brands in the beauty, skin and hair care industries are now dedicating entire sections of their ranges to clean and natural cosmetics. Products within this initiative are free from a wide range of potentially carcinogenic chemicals commonly used in beauty products; as well as being free from plastics and cruelty issues with animal-derived ingredients.

Along with the general rise in awareness of health and environmental issues, natural cosmetics companies are responding to a number of very relevant consumer concerns. Such as an increasing number of women who are concerned about hair loss due to using chemical styling products on their hair in both the long and short term. This is an area where brands are beginning to explore more natural options. There is the potential for huge growth for those who can develop natural based hair care alternatives.

Legislation regarding cosmetics ingredients is also being revised by governments around the world. They are taking into consideration the health and environmental impact that the cosmetic industry has. Since cosmetic products are placed directly on the skin, consumers want their purchases to be good for their bodies and good for the world.

From the beginning, Botanichem has chosen to focus on plant-derived ingredients in support of sustainable product, fair-trade and the global trend towards organic and safe products. If you would like to learn more about alternatives for your formulations or how you can embrace the new trend, email us on or give us a call on  011 425 2206.

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