STABILITY TESTING SERVICES is a division of Botanichem and offers a well-equipped onsite laboratory for independent stability testing for the cosmetic industry. Stability testing is vital to ensure that your product maintains its intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality.  These properties are vital to establishing the shelf life of your product. Our laboratory staff has more than 60 years combined experience in the cosmetics industry. Stability Testing Services prides itself on being ethical and efficient and complies with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

Our Services include:

  • Stability Testing
  • Formulation
  • Quality assurance
  • Dossier preparation for both the European and Asian markets


Botanichem has secured agencies in some of the top chemical companies globally. In line with our commitment to plant-derived, organic and safe products with a conscience, Botanichem also has relationships with several alternative ingredient suppliers and has excellent partnerships with local companies such as Chemgrit and Unicare.

A leading global supplier of sustainable high-performance ingredients for the personal care industry.

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Cobiosa Industrias Asociadas SL is an independent company focused on the extraction of natural active ingredients and the development and manufacturing of finished cosmetics for third parties.

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Specialises in bioprospecting and the manufacture of standardised extracts using innovative, safe and effective technologies.

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Sunjin, is based in Korea and has been a leading ingredient supplier to the cosmetic and chemical industry for more than 40 years and supplies products to some of the world’s leading brands.

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Kupanda focuses on high-value, esoteric, natural products from various regions in Africa, that serve as active and functional ingredients for use in the beauty & personal care, and food & beverages industries.

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For samples, technical information or marketing information on the products available from any of the agencies please contact Robyn.