BASF InSight in-cosmetics 2019

The rambutan sustainable program for responsible beauty

Innovation is not just about science, but also about improving the way to develop ingredients and offering products that have been created for responsible consumption. BASF initiated the exploration of rambutan tree’s various cosmetic properties, with the ambition to ensure sustainable use of the resource and generate a positive impact on supply chain development. Based on rambutan as a resource BASF developed three new bioactives:

  • Nephydrat
  • Nephoria
  • Rambuvital

Nephydrat is an extract of rambutan peel which helps to moisturize the skin and provides it with energy.

Nephoria, the extract of rambutan leaves that helps mature skin to rejuvenate by increasing skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

For hair care, BASF developed Rambuvital from the seeds of rambutan which increases hair follicle vitality.

Every ingredient has its own story

Bix’Activ® —for pure and mattified skin
Oily skin is a concern for consumers around the world: hyperactive glands produce excess sebum, which causes shiny skin, enlarged pores or imperfections. BASF’s new active ingredient Bix’ActiV1) — an extract from Bixa orellana seeds — reduces sebum production by restraining the proliferation of sebocytes in sebaceous glands.

Ciste’M® – blue light protection inspired by plant defence strategies
Skin ageing is driven by several external factors and especially by light. Blue light radiating from our cell phones and computers, but mainly from the sun, deeply penetrates the skin and can create damages in the dermis and even in the DNA. Ciste’NP, a rockrose extract adapted to arid climate, protects the DNA of skin cells from the effects of UVB exposure and prevents the deleterious effects of blue light.


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