5 Hot Actives from BASF

Every day we are attacked by a barrage of daily factors that result in damage and ages our skin. Some of these daily factors we can control like our diets and habits, but some are out of control like weather and light exposure. Thankfully BASF Beauty Creations has taken this into consideration and have developed actives that can help us prepare and arm our skin with defences and countermeasures to the daily exposure.


Unfortunately, oily skin is not only a factor in the teenage years. It also follows us into our adult years with 58% of women worldwide between 25 and 34 are concerned.  Sebaceous glands that are hyperactive are to blame for the overproduction of sebum. Clinical signs of skin oiliness include shininess, enlarged pores and imperfections.

Bix’Activ® can be used for:

  • Blemish control
  • Hydration
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Oily skin
  • Oil control
  • Pore refinement
  • Purifying
  • Resurfacing

Bix’Activ®, is an extract of the Red Lip Tree. It works to help decrease sebum production, hyper-keratinization and it inhibits the virulence of germs triggering inflammation. Skin is mattified, imperfections are visibly reduced and pores are refined. After four weeks, the skin is visibly clearer. Bix’Activ® can be used in the formulations for Face Care and Face Cleansing products.


In response to radiance quest and skin imperfections blurring trends, Beauty Creations teams have developed Neurobiox®, a natural active ingredient that stimulates cell renewal and increases the thickness of the epidermis, which reduces with age. By restoring cell communication through the stimulation of the skin’s neuroreceptors, Neurobiox® has extraordinary effects on the skin: imperfections are erased, wrinkles and pores are reduced and the skin is left feeling velvety soft. As the perceived efficacy of Neurobiox® is even increased thanks to its positive action on skin luminosity, it can be used for any global anti-ageing products.

Neurobiox® can be used for:

  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Brightening
  • Pore refinement
  • Radiance
  • Resurfacing

Neurobiox® works to achieve the acceleration of skin renewal as well as refining pores and improving the complexion and increasing the skin’s radiance. There is also an improvement with oily skin and a reduction in wrinkles. The skin’s thickness and density also increase as a result. Neurobiox® is useful for face care, body care and hand care products.


For many years, the cosmetics industry has focused on intrinsic skin ageing proposing regular solutions to reverse various age-related effects. Nevertheless, signs of ageing largely result from “environmental” sources, meaning all the external factors that affect our skin’s quality and youthfulness. These factors are numerous (pollution, UV exposure, etc…), omnipresent in our everyday life and inevitable. They trigger a series of oxidative reactions and have dramatic impacts on our skin, causing accelerating skin ageing.

Arganyl® can be used for:

  • Anti-pollution
  • Glycation
  • Matrix protection
  • Photo-ageing protection

Arganyl® is an active ingredient that is derived from argan leaves and has been proven to be effective against the external “environmental” stressors.  Arganyl® can be used in after sun,

sun protection, face care and body care products.


The skin barrier is essential for the protection of the human body against the environment. Lipids and structural elements of the stratum corneum provide a physical barrier. The microbiotic barrier consists of microorganisms present on the skin surface, but also in deeper layers. They help to defend against the growth of pathogens. Both the physical and the microbiotic barrier are subject to damages by environmental impacts.

Phytosoothe® can be used for:

  • Healthy Scalp
  • Barrier function
  • Hydration
  • Inflammation reduction

Phytosoothe® accelerates the recovery of the skin’s barrier function after impairment. It supports a healthy microflora, increases hydration and reduces the trans-epidermal water loss. It can be used in baby care and cleansing, after sun, body care, hand care and face care products.

DN-AGE® PW LS 9827

BASF Beauty Creations has taken inspiration from plant defence strategies to supply human hair follicles with protection against UV and stress-induced DNA damage which accelerates hair ageing.

DN-Age® can be used for:

  • Hair growth
  • Healthy Scalp
  • Beautiful hair
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Photo-ageing protection

Extracted from Cassia alata leaves and titrated in flavonoids, DN-Age® has demonstrated its benefits to preserving hair from greying and keeping with its strength properties. DN-Age® can be used in shampoo, conditioning, after sun, sun protection and face care products.
Botanichem is the agent for BASF Beauty Creations in South Africa. If you would like to learn more about any of the above-mentioned actives or about any other BASF actives available give us a call on 011 425 2206 or email us at info@botanichem.co.za and we will gladly assist.

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